Protein – how much is too much?

High-protein, low carb diets for weight loss are the hottest topic today and every food marketer appears to want a piece of the protein pie. Body builders are snatching, grabbing and gulping down protein shakes. Dieters are chomping down on protein bars and gobbling up meal replacement shakes in hopes of quick weight loss. We […]

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‘Don’t eat fat, fat is bad for you’. ‘Eat lots of fat, fat is good for you’. ‘Eat only healthy fats and stay away from bad fats’. Fats Today… Either heavily promoted or criticised, dietary fats are without a doubt the most widely misunderstood of the macronutrients. Today, fats are an extremely controversial topic in […]

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Busting Carb Myths

If you believed everything you read on the internet revolving the huge debates on what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you, you’d be left very confused over what you should and should not eat.

In today’s society, many people are afraid of carbs with the belief that they are ‘bad’ for us and eating too many will make us fat.

Let’s start by asking ourselves, what are carbs?

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