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As you’ve probably gathered, we’re big fans of wholesome food here at 80/20. And it’s the quality of the ingredients – in addition to our lovingly meticulous preparation methods – that give our food its nutritional value and its delicious flavour.

We’re particularly proud of our sensational spices. They bring our homemade sauces to life, and are the inspiration behind the 80/20 vision.

But you can’t survive on spices alone. So we wanted to let you know a bit more about the way we source our ingredients and how we prepare them.

After all, it’s thanks to our dedication to sourcing and saucing that you’re able to enjoy your daily dose of fusion flavour.

The Sourcing Process

80/20 founder Mina Khan has very exacting standards when it comes to food quality. She’s scoured the UK and beyond to get her hands on the right ingredients for our nutritious 80/20 meals.

Did you know that rapeseed oil is much healthier than olive oil or vegetable oil? After testing dozens of varieties, Mina finally settled on rapeseed oil made in Norfolk, as the production methods there coincide with her vision.

She’s had to hunt further afield for our sensational spices – her real passion – to bring our 80/20 signature sauces to life. For example, all the turmeric we use comes from Mina’s relatives in India.

From Source To Sauce

Did you know that spices taste better – and have the greatest nutritional value – when they’re freshly ground?

But our sensational signature spices have their very own room, where we lovingly grind them before handing them the starring role in our nutritious homemade sauces.

Mina learned how to grind spices as a child. Not only does it add fantastic flavour to her 80/20 sauces, but it also guarantees they complement our other wholesome ingredients, in terms of taste and nutrition.

In fact, from grinding and chopping to blending and baking, we do all the hard work for you, leaving you free to jam-pack your schedule yet still enjoy nutritious homemade meals, whether you eat in or take them home to heat.